Power Music Group was established in December 2019, by Kelly Adolph. After devoting several years in the entertainment industry, when labels were no longer involved in the development of the artist they signed. Kelly realized we were being saturated by artist and entertainers, pushing themselves online with no consistency in their brand, style, image or professionalism. Often wondering after years of pursuing a career, why they hadn’t gotten noticed or even increased their fanbase. She quickly realized the one key factor; They lacked development, which is an essential tool for longevity and growth. Spending several years as an artist manager, she quickly realized her passion for developing up-and-coming artists. Educating them in the industry and working to hone in on the image they want to portray in order to increase recognition. After a few trials and errors, PMG emerged. 

PMG is a hands on company working with multi-genre’s helping to drive their careers in the right direction, thus setting the artist up for long-term success.

Former Artist Manager Turned Artist Developer

From as long back as she could remember, Kelly Adolph had an appetite for music. Raised in the Motown day, she homed in a fondness for R&B, funk, and soul. But her enthusiasm didn’t remain with being a performer, she moved from an artist’s personal assistant to tour manager, to managing regional and national acts, subsequently working as Director of a small Indie label in Michigan.


Growing up in a time and family where her entire household performed Motown hits. She immediately realized her appetite for music. Adolph’s interest peaked more and more as she grew older. Consistently absorbed in creating poetry, she immediately realized her proficiency as a songwriter. She spent many days in the church choir at New Harmony Missionary Baptist Church, simply to realize her desire wasn’t being on stage, but being behind the stage.


Growing up in household, she felt entertainment and creativity wouldn’t put food on the table, so she went on to attend Golightly Vocational Tech where she received her certification in Computer Programming. From there, she attended Wayne State University with a certification in finance and moved on to pursue a career in finance. Never getting any pleasure in her career, Adolph chose to take her writing experiences to the music industry, where she freelanced for different online circulars and local magazines about what was current in the music industry.


This moved her into the local music scene where she would meet and subsequently work as a PA for a well-known local musician. After a brief stretch as a PA, Adolph needed to make her way up the ladder, and up she went, becoming the tour manager for a national jazz pianist and later artist manager. She quickly educated herself on each task, identifying ways she could improve upon that position if she had the opportunity. Her enthusiasm for development drove her to Director of Operations at a then local indie label, BCO Media, Inc.


After needing to take a brief hiatus from music due to health reason, while devoting some time working as a talent scout for a national agency, then partnering with her former supervisor briefly to launch her own talent agency, Adolph knew she needed to be back in the music scene, and felt due to her age, she required the credentials behind her background. That is when she enrolled in Full Sail University’s Online Music Business degree program. This, she felt, was a crucial step in order to boost validity to her enthusiasm for developing artist.

Adolph continues to educate herself on not purely the music scene but the entertainment industry as an entity. Trying to understand the future of music post-Covid-19. It addition to being passionate about music, Adolph continues to share a love for writing, having published two inspirational fiction novels “Perilous Times of a Young Black Woman” and “Naked as I Came! Naked I Shall Leave.” She is currently working on several other written projects slated to be released in the next 2 years. For more information on Kelly Adolph, please visit her digital portfolio.